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A solid understanding of anatomy is essential to effectively diagnose and treat patients with foot and ankle problems since the foot and ankle form a complex system which consists of 28 bones, 33 joints, and 112 ligaments, controlled by 13 extrinsic and 21 intrinsic muscles.

Under the Xtremity’s roof, we provide you with a complete range of bespoke designed orthoses that meet your needs. We thrive to maintain ourselves with the most recent technological advancement; thus, you can avail either the latest additive manufacturing technology developed orthoses or CAD assisted technology as well. You can also contact us for 3D printed foot orthotics in Dubai

Our experienced clinicians will guide you to choose from the most effective orthoses that are best suited and tailored to your needs. We also offer a complete range of functional foot and ankle braces which helps you recover from a wide variety of injuries and ailments.

If you have any queries regarding foot orthotics in Dubai, book an appointment with us.

Foot Orthosis/Insoles

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Foot orthotics Dubai
diabetic shoes

Diabetic/Orthopaedic footwear

Choose the right shoes wisely to avoid foot problems linked with Diabetes at “Xtremity” Foot Care.

For most people, a bad shoe day means a blistered heel or a painful arch that goes away quickly. But for people with diabetes, poor footwear can trigger serious problems, such as foot ulcers, infections, and even amputation.

If diabetic patients develop minor foot deformities or impaired sensation and circulation, it’s smart to move from conventional footwear to comfort shoes or diabetic shoes.

A diabetic-style shoe is made of soft leather, has a deep toe box, and has a rounder, wider toe box that can accommodate things like hammertoes and bunions.

Xtremity Prosthetic and Orthotics is renowned for designing the best custom-made diabetic footwear in Dubai. We provide you with the right shoes that are light in weight and allow the ulcers to heal fast by offloading techniques through our customised Dia-Insoles. 

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Supra-Malleolar Orthosis (SMO)

Supramalleolar orthotics (SMOs) control foot alignment while allowing free ankle movement. In other words, a custom thermoplastic device that regulates subtalar joint stability, inversion/eversion, pronation/supination, and forefoot abduction/adduction.

This device can be used in conjunction with an AFO (shorthand for ankle foot orthosis) to improve mediolateral ankle stability. SMOs are used to treat patients who have soft, flexible, flat feet. Children are the majority of those who wear them.

The SMO is intended to keep the heel vertical or neutral while also supporting the foot arches. 

Children with foot instability and depleted muscle tone can opt for our SMOs to provide them with a firm tip-toe gait. It will help the child land appropriately on the ground and balance properly. These orthotics aid in generating hydrostatic pressure which in turn maintains the biomechanical configuration of the foot and ankle.

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Our thin designs of SMOs help create compression around the soft tissues, generating hydrostatic pressure, thus maintaining the ideal biomechanical alignment of the foot and ankle. Book an appointment with our foot specialist for an absolutely free assessment.


Ankle foot orthosis

Ankle Foot Orthoses (AFOS) are commonly used to treat a different range of walking disorders caused by a variety of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders, such as stroke, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. They are uniquely engineered to provide support and proper joint alignment of the foot and ankle. They passively assist muscle weakness and helps protect the foot and leg.
Ankle foot Orthoses are of many different designs, such as solid ankle AFO and Dynamic AFO (with Mechanical ankle joint to assist in joint articulation).

At Xtremity, our certified orthotist in Dubai will decide the right design of AFO for you based on your needs. You can also avail 3D printed customised AFO, and CAD assisted AFO or Standard AFO. All measurements are taken with the help of a 3D scanner which is very precise and avoids Negative cast volume fluctuation. We feel proud and happy to say that our 3D printed foot orthotics in Dubai have helped many patients to this date.

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