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A solid understanding of anatomy is essential to effectively diagnose and treat patients with foot and ankle problems since the foot and ankle form a complex system which consists of 28 bones, 33 joints, and 112 ligaments, controlled by 13 extrinsic and 21 intrinsic muscles.

Under the Xtremity's roof, we provide you with a complete range of bespoke designed orthoses that meet your needs. We thrive to maintain ourselves with the most recent technological advancement; thus, you can avail either the latest additive manufacturing technology developed orthoses or CAD assisted technology as well. You can also contact us for 3D printed foot orthotics in Dubai.

Our experienced clinicians will guide you to choose from the most effective orthoses that are best suited and tailored to your needs. We also offer a complete range of functional foot and ankle braces which helps you recover from a wide variety of injuries and ailments.

If you have any queries regarding foot orthotics in Dubai, book an appointment with us.

Foot Orthosis/Insoles

  • 1. Premium range of Insoles at Xtremity Foot care

  • 2. At Xtremity, we customise the orthotic insoles and arch support inserts which are biomechanically engineered with unique features that improve mobility, enhance comfort and help relieve foot pain.

  • 3. We at first conduct a detailed assessment of feet, followed by a 3D scan, 3d Modelling and manufacturing.

  • 4. Whether it's Plantar Fascitis, Flat feet(Pronated feet), tendonitis or any foot-related issues, we have the most advanced premium range of Insoles available at our place.

  • 5. The anatomical arch support of Insoles controls overpronation, improves foot and leg alignment and helps ease the pain for flat feet.

  • 6. Our insoles and shoe inserts are made with a deep/flat heel cup, padded with cushioning foam pad that works wonders to alleviate plantar fasciitis/foot pain.

  • 7. Soft, cushioning foam that covers these orthotic inserts forms to the contours of the foot, enhancing comfort and alleviating pressure points. These insoles are uniquely made on a separate mould/3D scan for each foot shape/contour for a precise fit and ultimate comfort.

  • 8. Book an appointment with our foot specialist for an absolutely free assessment.

Diabetic/Orthopaedic footwear

Choose the right shoes wisely to avoid foot problems linked with Diabetes at "Xtremity" Foot Care.

For most people, a bad shoe day means a blistered heel or a painful arch that goes away quickly. But for people with diabetes, poor footwear can trigger serious problems, such as foot ulcers, infections, and even amputation.

If diabetic patients develop minor foot deformities or impaired sensation and circulation, it's smart to move from conventional footwear to comfort shoes or diabetic shoes.

A diabetic-style shoe is made of soft leather, has a deep toe box, and has a rounder, wider toe box that can accommodate things like hammertoes and bunions.


Spinal bracing today still consists of more or less symmetric braces compressing the rib - and lumbar humps (i.e., Boston derivates, Stagnara brace and actual derivates) or asymmetric braces pressing the rib - and lumbar humps with voids opposite to the pressure areas.

We at Xtremity strive to provide our customer with unique "Modified Cheneau" design and is made on the basis of computer aided design / computer aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) and is constantly developed further for better comfort.

In order to improve comfort and correction we are aiming to implement a pattern specific curve, ALS Classification.

We utilize contactless method of capturing digital scan by Hand Held scanner to acquire 3D scanning of Torso, which captures precisely the anthropometric measurements, which further is processed on CAD CAM to design the final shape of Brace, correcting the specific curve.

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Upper Limb

Upper limb orthotics are external devices that are specifically designed to improve the function and structure of various areas in the upper limb. These can include braces, slings and splints and are often made from thermoplastics, casting and metal.

Our experienced orthotist at Xtremity will provide you with a comprehensive assessment which will help to decide the best Upper limb orthotic to suit your needs.

There are two main types of Upper limb orthotics and the choice of these will depend upon the requirement and prescription criteria:

Static Hand Orthoses

Mostly, wrist hand Orthosis or (Cock up splint) is used in case of Carpal Tunnel syndrome. Our clinician will guide you whether to go with custom hand splint or off the shelves.

Dynamic Hand Orthoses

These types of splints are used in case of spasticity and management of contractures.

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At Xtremity, we offer you a personalised Pectus carinatum clinic, where post assessment, 3D scanning is acquired with the help of highly precise scanner.

It's really important that the deformity must be flexible, for ideal bracing protocol, thus the outcome of bracing is very much dependent upon the selection of patients.

Our experts are trained to carry out the physical assessment and decide, whether or not one is the right candidate for Bracing.

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Deformational head shapes like plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and others need orthotic intervention at the time (when repositioning is non-responsive). An orthotist who holds certification and Training in cranial remoulding orthosis, are the one who can effectively handle the thorough evaluation It's equally important that post 3D scanning, your orthotist will configure which type of design is most favourable in individual.

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