Seating Systems

At Xtremity we deliver Custom Foam Carve Seating system which use the latest in 3D scanning and robotic technology.
This new Digital Seating system uses the latest foam carve and 3D scanning technology to deliver a lighter, softer and more supportive seating system.
Our digital seat offers a new option for children, adults and the elderly with complex postures. The digital carved seat consists of a custom carved seat assembly.
Each component is produced using 3D scanning techniques for accuracy and comfort.

Key Features:
- Made using the latest 3d scanning and robotic manufacturing methods for accuracy and comfort
- Suitable for all ages
- Lighter, softer and more supportive than traditionally made seating systems
- Fully compatible with standard Seating Accessories
- All covers offered in a range of colours and are removable for easy cleaning
- Wide range of Client Belts and Harnesses available
- Can be configured to Interface into most Wheelchairs and Mobility Bases

Push Chair

The GRIZZLY special stroller is designed for children at a height of 85 – 140 cm and a maximum weight of 45 kg.

Its extensive and robust structure consisting of a frame and seat makes it an extremely durable device that facilitates the daily functioning both for the users and the childcare assistant. The GRIZZLY stroller combines a wide range of adjustments with comfort and manoeuvrability.

The GRIZZLY special stroller is equipped with the “I Grow With You” system that allows you to smoothly adjust the parameters of the seat depth (from 25 cm up to 37cm) and the backrest height (from 57cm up to 70cm). Together with a fully adjustable footrest, comprehensive support system, tilt in space seat and reclining backrest we offer you a stroller that is tailored to fit your child’s needs in 100% and will serve for years.

Furthermore, the GRIZZLY special stroller has a wide range of accessories that facilitate daily activities, regardless of weather conditions.

Grizzly is crash tested therefore the whole stroller can be used as a car seat ensuring safety during transport in specially adapted vehicles.

Apart from the assets related with its multiple options, GRIZZLY offers a modern look, which makes it even more all-round and attractive.

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