Pediatric Care

Pediatric Care

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Pediatric Care

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As we all know, every child is special, and so are their needs.

We at Xtremity offer your child the pediatric prosthesis, keeping in mind their change in needs, psychosocial impact, demand in activity, and many other things that constantly change over time.

Xtremity offers you a complete range of upper limb prosthetics and lowers limb prosthetics rehabilitation portfolio for our young champs. We also design the best 3D printed cranial helmet in Dubai.

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Children’s orthotics are designed specifically with a child’s functional needs in mind.

Custom orthotics for children may be designed initially to provide more stability. However, as a child grows and progresses through orthotic treatment, their pediatric orthoses may be redesigned to encourage more independent and voluntary control over movement.

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Cranial Deformities

Deformational head shapes like plagiocephaly, brachycephaly and others need orthotic intervention at the time (when repositioning is non-responsive).

At Xtremity, our orthotists hold certification and training in cranial remoulding orthosis and effectively make a thorough evaluation. Post 3D scanning, they configure the type of design that is most favourable for your child.

At Xtremity we use the best human measurement 3d scanner, which precisely captures the head current shape and size.
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