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Choose Xtremity’s
3D Insoles

Choose Xtremity’s
3D Insoles

A one-stop solution for Foot issues to Optimize Motion And Boost Performance!

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Do you have an OPTIMAL FOOT like this?

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Optimal Foot

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Mild Pronation

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Moderate Pronation

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Severe Pronation

Foot Conditions where Customized Insoles can help

Group 120

Mild Pronation

Condition of Planter Fasciitis stemming from inflammation of the plantar fascia causing pain in heels.

Group 121 2

Flat feet

Absence of normal foot arch, known as overpronated feet.

Group 122 1


Inflammation of the Achilles tendon.

Group 123

High Arched Feet

Opposite of flat feet, where excessively high arches can lead to stress on joints and muscles.

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Bony bumps

Also known as bunions, bony parts developed at the big toe base.

Group 125 1

Diabetic foot Ulcers

These foot ulcers are painful. Insoles distribute pressure evenly, thus providing relief.

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Bent Toes

Also known as hammer toes, toes are bent at the middle joint.

Why Opt for Xtremity's Tailor-Made Insoles

Tailored 3D Printed Insoles:
Custom Fit for Your Feet

Our customized made-to-measure 3D printed insole helps accurately design the insoles that provide you with comfortable, pain-free steps.

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Personalized Design: Supporting Your Unique Foot Anatomy

It’s bespoke and designed to support your individual foot anatomy- so that your gait is unaffected.

Correcting Foot Motion: Promoting Natural Movement

Our customized insoles help your feet to adopt the correct foot motion. Thus, Improve your movement efficiency.

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Injury Prevention: Minimizing Risks

Xtremity insoles are comfortably wadded to prevent and minimize injury risks- without the bulk.

Peak Performance: Elevating Athletic Abilities

Compete and elevate your sports performance with Xtremity Insoles- Unleashing the best in YOU! 

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Reliable brands, enhancing the value of Xtremity insoles…

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Group 116 2
MAde 1
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How customised insoles are better?

Custom insoles are designed with 3D technology as per Gait analysis. That means they provide tailored support for your feet, reducing pressure and discomfort that can lead to conditions like arch or heel pain. By improving alignment and cushioning, these insoles not only enhance daily comfort but also optimize your overall performance in activities like walking or running. Results showed pain relief, with sustained use for a particular duration. 

Your Journey at Xtremity

Foot experts often prescribe custom-tailored insoles to relieve pain, prevent injuries, and even enhance performance. These insoles are based on dynamic scan analyses and manufactured using the latest 3D printing technology.

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First Appointment:

On your first visit to Xtremity, our foot experts will explain you the process and timelines. 



A 3D scan of the foot is taken to make custom 3D insoles. The scanner captures the images of the plantar aspect of the foot within seconds.

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Analyse & Design

The scan is visualized and analysed by the clinician as per the doctor’s prescription, and a report is prepared.

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The insole design is shown, explained, and approved by you and only then order is placed.

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Status Check

We show the status while your insoles are in process!

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Your insoles are ready, putting the bounce back in your steps.

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