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Sockets & Liners

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Sockets & Liners

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Sockets & Liners

Prosthetic sockets are the foundation of any functional prosthesis, whether it may be for the lower extremity or upper extremity.

A highly skilled prosthetist would guide you throughout the fitting process and might attempt many adjustments within your socket to make it compliant for your daily use. On a daily basis, an amputee wears his/her prosthesis for an average of 7 – 8 hours. Thus it’s our responsibility at Xtremity to ensure we leave no stone unturned to make them comfortable and yet functional based upon your needs and activities.

In a transtibial socket, we have the following options available: – Specific weight-bearing socket – Total surface weight-bearing socket There are different socket designs for each amputation level, each tailored to the individual presentation of the user and considering how and where load-bearing forces are distributed through your limb.

To know more in detail about the prosthetic options best suited for you, please book an appointment with our Prosthetist for a free evaluation.


Liners are usually the interface between the socket and residual limb. It plays a vital role in protecting the stump from any undue pressure or rather dissipates the forces evenly throughout the stump.

Liners are of different types. The  most commonly used liners are:
Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.
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Suspension Systems

The suspension system plays a crucial role in determining the functional outcome of your prosthesis. It’s a medium through which your residual limb holds the Prosthesis in place and does not allow any instability, thus providing you with ultimate confidence, whether you’re running or walking.

Some of the common types of suspension used worldwide are:
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To know more in detail about the type of socket, liner or suspension system required in your case, our prosthetist will conduct a detailed assessment based on your activity level and functional expectation.

Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.

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