Spine Orthosis

Spine Orthosis

Spine Orthosis

Spine Orthosis


Back pain is one of the most common ailments afflicting patients worldwide. Poor posture, sitting for long periods of time at work, pregnancy, and other factors can all contribute to it.

To cope up with this, your spine doctor may prescribe back braces. A back brace, also known as an orthotic, supports the back and relieves pain by reducing pressure on the spinal column. Xtremity makes a variety of back braces in Dubai. They offer belts or other products that provide lower back pain relief and flexible lumbar support in Dubai. 

Finding the best back braces in Dubai entails sorting through the available options based on your health requirements. We take into account factors like material, sizing, and support level that are tailored to your specific medical conditions or athletic needs.

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Spine Orthosis For Scoliosis

Spinal bracing today still consists of more or less symmetric braces compressing the rib – and lumbar humps (i.e., Boston derivates, Stagnara brace and actual derivates) or asymmetric braces pressing the rib and lumbar humps with voids opposite to the pressure areas. 
At Xtremity, we strive to provide our customers with a unique “Modified Cheneau” design that is made based on computer-aided design /computer-aided manufacturing (CAD / CAM) and is constantly developed further for better comfort. Many patients have got help with our Cheneau brace in Dubai.

In order to improve comfort and correction, we are aiming to implement a pattern specific curve, ALS Classification. 
We utilize the contactless method of capturing digital scan by Hand Held scanner to acquire 3D scanning of Torso, which captures precisely the anthropometric measurements, which further is processed on CAD-CAM to design the final shape of Brace, correcting the specific curve. 
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Types of back braces

Neck Collars and Back Support

Neck collars

Cervical collars, also known as neck braces or C collars, are used to support your spinal cord and head. These collars are a common treatment option for neck injuries, neck surgeries, and some instances of neck pain.

There are different types of cervical collars. Which one you need will depend on your type of neck injury or the underlying cause of your neck pain.

Some conditions that may require the use of a cervical collar include the following: 

  • 1. Whiplash and Trauma 
  • 2. Neck Surgery 
  • 3. Nerve compression 
  • 4. Cervical Spondylosis 
  • 5. General Neck pain or stiffness
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Flexible back braces

Soft materials, such as cotton/elastic blends, canvas, and/or neoprene, are used to make flexible orthoses (a type of synthetic, flexible rubber). Lumbo sacral corsets, lumbar belts, and Scoliosis braces are examples of these braces.

Flexible lumbar belts or corsets are available in a variety of sizes and styles. A corset brace resembles a woman’s corset and allows for some bending. Vertical metal or plastic stays at the front, back, and/or sides of the brace, providing stability and some motion restriction in corsets.

Let’s discuss a few of the flexible back braces Xtremity offers:

Lumbo Sacral Corset

The Lumbo Sacral Corset is designed with flexible back splints that provide comfortable back support while also relieving the pain associated with low back pain. The belt can be worn during daily activities and as a preventative measure during the day. The product is suitable for use in many different social settings due to its excellent aesthetics.

People using lumbo sacral corset in Dubai notice visible lumbar spine therapeutic relief. Besides, these corsets support the back muscles and even promote good posture. They also stimulate metabolism, reducing muscular discomfort even further.

The lower back is the most vulnerable area that gets affected due to various orthopaedic conditions. Back support belts help to stabilise the lumbar spine and can help to reduce lordosis, thus improving posture in the long run. Their primary function is to provide lower back pain relief so you can go about your day more comfortably. A high-quality lumbar belt can provide firm support, while the adjustable straps make it easy to wear.

Lumbar Belt

The lower back is the most vulnerable area that gets affected due to various orthopaedic conditions. Back support belts help to stabilise the lumbar spine and can help to reduce lordosis, thus improving posture in the long run. Their primary function is to provide lower back pain relief so you can go about your day more comfortably. A high-quality lumbar belt can provide firm support, while the adjustable straps make it easy to wear.

Xtremity’s lumbar support belt in Dubai can aid your back with the following benefits:

  1. Can provide pain relief and muscle support
  2. Correct spine alignment for a healthy posture
  3. Breathable design that supports the natural curve of the spinal column
  4. Can also help rectify lordosis

Rigid and Semi-rigid back braces in Dubai at Xtremity

When it comes to lumbar support in Dubai, we at Xtremity believe in versatility. In other words, we also offer rigid and semi-rigid back braces apart from the flexible ones.

Rigid braces are made up of a sturdy layer of material that wraps around the torso and includes rigid panels that cover the front, back, and sometimes sides of the brace. Some models include hard plastic or metal bars that wrap on the outer side of the brace.

A semi-rigid brace is a back that combines elements of both flexible and rigid orthoses. A flexible lumbar belt, for example, may include additional padding or moulded plastic inserts for added support and stability.

Here are a few examples of rigid braces that can provide apt lumbar support:


Chairback Brace :

A chairback brace is a short brace that can help with low back pain and spinal stability following surgery. This brace limits your ability to bend (front, back, and to the sides) and rotate your low back.

Raney flexion jacket :

A Raney flexion jacket helps relieving pressure and weight on the low back by keeping the lumbar spine in a neutral tilt. This increases abdominal pressure, reducing the weight on the low back

Back Brace

For most people, there is a natural tendency to slouch or lean forward when seated for a long period of time, a posture that pushes out the lower back turning the natural inward curve into an outward curve. This can strain the various structures within the lower back.

According to the best orthotist in Dubai, proper orthotics prescription requires knowledge of the biomechanics of the Thoraco-lumbar spine and general principles of bracing, including their indications and limitations. 
Spinal orthoses, for example, a Scoliosis brace in Dubai is widely used as an adjunctive treatment for various conditions that can cause low back pain, including vertebral fractures, facet joint arthritis, degenerative intervertebral discs, and myofascial and ligamentous injuries. These spinal orthoses utilize the principle of three-point pressure control. The corrective component is typically and ideally located midway between the opposing forces. 

At Xtremitry, we offer both customized and off the selves spinal back braces to help you relieve pain and get speedy recovery.
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Scoliosis Brace

Scoliosis is caused due to a change in the curvature of the spine. Hence, as a part of the treatment and correction of your spine, you will need an actual and a firm support for your back. Back braces or a scoliosis brace can help prevent your abnormal spinal curves from worsening.


A scoliosis brace is a device that is worn around the torso to help prevent the curve from worsening. It may also reduce the likelihood of surgery in the future after bone growth has ceased.


Xtremity offers scoliosis braces that are custom-made and apply an appropriate amount of pressure to the spine in order to prevent the progression of scoliosis. They are made of thin, hard plastic and are barely visible beneath clothing. Moreover, these braces are prefabricated in many types of sizes to fit the spine precisely. Our night-time brace or nocturnal brace is the most commonly prescribed night scoliosis back brace. This brace is made to order using an impression of the patient’s torso. Following the completion of the basic mould, the spine surgeon prescribes corrective forces to the brace based on data from the patient’s diagnostic imaging.

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Custom Scoliosis Day Time Braces

Scoliosis is a three-dimensional deformity of the spine and trunk which may progress quickly during phases of rapid growth. Scoliosis may be caused by osseous malformations, certain diseases or syndromes (e.g. congenital scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis, scoliosis in mesenchymal disorders and many others). 

The most common type of scoliosis is generally discovered around 10 years of age or older, and is defined as a curve that measures at least 10° (called a Cobb angle; measured on x-ray). Because of the unknown cause and the age of diagnosis, it is called adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS).
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 At Xtremity, following evidence-based standards in scoliosis treatment, we only use well-developed and original Cheneau derivatives as our pattern specific braces. 
The day-time scoliosis brace should be worn 23 hrs a day for effective results. 
At Xtremity, we support CAD assisted design customised on a specific curve, thus providing enough support to achieve the correction. We use one of the best Human measurement 3D scanners to acquire the 3-dimensional image of Torso, which is highly precise in terms of accuracy and delivering the anthropometric data.
We also have a provision for a 3D printed scoliosis brace. 
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Custom Scoliosis Night-Time Braces

The Night time brace is also generally known as a nocturnal brace, used in the non-operative treatment of idiopathic scoliosis. 

A night-time brace takes advantage of the recumbent position. Some studies suggest that most growth occurs at night. For some curves, night-time wear has shown to be as effective as full-time (more than 14 hours per day).
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Also, since wearing a brace all day can sometimes be tough for young teenagers, having the option of wearing a brace at night tends to improve compliance with the prescribed wearing time.

The custom-designed nocturnal braces have a built-in correction in all three planes of motion. Since gravity is not working against us, the internal pushes do not have to work so hard. It applies direct, opposing forces to straighten curves. 

It is also advisable that wearing a brace both day time and night time is proved to be effective in controlling curve progression in many cases, you should consult your orthotist and know the whereabouts of using the combination of both. 

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