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Upper Limb prosthetics

Each person with upper limb loss presents a unique residual limb, with amputations that range from partial finger all the way to shoulder level, and some are missing multiple limbs.

Equally diverse are the individual goals that patients have for their rehabilitation: returning to work, being independent, playing sports, caring for children and much more.

Our Prosthetist will first explain to you the prosthetic, therapeutic and psychosocial aspects of care, along with helping you identify your functional goal.

Once all set, we will provide you with the different prosthetic options, which may include:
To know more in detail about the prosthetic options best suited for you, please book an appointment with our Prosthetist for a free evaluation.

Silicon Finger Prosthesis

Direct trauma to the hand or fingers is by far the highest cause of finger amputations; it is rarely a result of the disease. This is often work-related injuries but can also be a result of recreational activities or hobbies, such as shooting or perhaps woodwork.

If you are looking for a natural-looking finger, then a Custom finger prosthesis is your best option. Whether you are shaking hands or attending a party, you’ll feel comfortable and confident with your prosthesis. perhaps woodwork.

Tailored to your specific contour and skin colour, this low-profile option can be customized to include your freckles, veins, and even hair—making it as realistic as possible. perhaps woodwork.

Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.
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Partial Hand Prosthesis

Loss of individual digits accounts for a proportional loss of hand function. There is a 10% loss of hand function for each finger lost to amputation, and a full 40% loss of hand function results when the thumb has been lost. This has been established by the American Academy for Surgery of the Hand (ASSH).

Finger and partial hand prostheses replace amputated fingers or parts of the hand. These prostheses assume important hand functions.

Based on the thorough evaluation, our Prosthetist will suggest you following options based on your functional requirements:
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Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.

Wrist Disarticulation Prosthesis

Upper extremity amputations are most frequently indicated by severe traumatic injuries. The location of the injury will determine the level of amputation. Preservation of extremity length is often a goal. The amputation site will have important implications on the functional status of the patient and options for prosthetic reconstruction. Advances in amputation techniques and prosthetic reconstructions promote improved quality of life.
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Wrist disarticulation preserves limb length, providing an arm with a longer lever for prosthetic control. In addition, the longer residual limb preserves the distal radioulnar joint, resulting in better pronation and supination. The metaphyseal flare of the distal radius also provides a contour that aids in the suspension of a terminal device.

Ideally, the patient should take the opportunity to have a preoperative consultation with a physiatrist and a prosthetist so that he or she may make an educated choice between a wrist disarticulation and a transradial amputation.

At Xtremity, We provide you with different prosthetic options based on your functional need. Contact us for the best upper extremity prosthetics in Dubai

Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.
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Below Elbow Prosthesis

A below elbow (BE) or transradial prosthesis is custom made for a person who has had a BE or transradial amputation. The prosthesis consists of a custom made socket, optional liner, wrist unit, and terminal device or hand. Sometimes the prosthesis may consist of a sleeve or other harness, depending on the suspension system used for that patient.

Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.

Above Elbow/ Elbow Disarticulation Prosthesis

The above-elbow prosthesis will be constructed from several different components. These components allow the prosthesis to carry out different functions. The prosthesis should be designed to best suit the individual’s needs and cost. The basic components of an above elbow prosthesis are discussed in more detail below.
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Ask our Certified Prosthetist for more details, and book your free evaluation today.

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